How To Make A Good First Impression On A Date

Going on a date can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if it’s your first time. Making a good first impression is key to a successful date, but how do you make sure that happens? Don’t stress, I’m here to help! I’m an 18-year-old student and I’ve been on plenty of dates and learned a few tricks to making a good first impression. In this article, I’m going to share my tips and advice on how to make a great first impression on a date. So, let’s get started!

Dress nicely

Dressing nicely for a first date is essential! It’s important to put in the effort to look good and make a good first impression. I always make sure I’m wearing something that I feel comfortable and confident in, usually something dressier than my day-to-day look. I like to add a few stylish touches like a nice watch or a pair of earrings to finish off the look.

Be punctual

If you want to make a good first impression on a date, make sure you’re punctual. Nothing screams ‘I don’t care’ more than being late – it shows you don’t value the other person’s time. Show up when you say you will, and if something comes up, be sure to let your date know as soon as possible. That way you’ll show that you take the date seriously and respect their time.

Be polite

Being polite is key to making a good first impression on a date. Remember to mind your manners and be courteous. Show respect for your date and their opinions, never talk over them or make them feel insignificant. Make sure to stay humble and never brag about yourself, be genuinely interested in getting to know them. Be sure to smile and make eye contact, this will show them you’re friendly and interested.

Show interest

Showing interest in your date is a great way to make a good first impression! Ask them questions about their interests and hobbies, and don’t be afraid to be open about your own. Showing genuine curiosity and excitement about who they are and what they do will make your date feel special, and you’ll look confident and interested too. Plus, it’ll give you something to talk about – so make sure to pay attention to the details!

Make eye contact

Making eye contact on a first date is key! It shows confidence and shows your date that you’re interested in them. If you’re shy, just remember to take a few deep breaths, look your date in the eye, and be genuine. Plus, eye contact helps to create a connection and make your date feel special. It can be intimidating, but don’t be afraid to make the first move.


Smiling is one of the most powerful tools to make a good first impression on a date. It shows confidence, friendliness, and openness which can really make the other person feel more relaxed and comfortable. With one simple smile, you can break the ice and make the other person feel more comfortable in your presence. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your pearly whites and boost your attractiveness!

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